Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday Sermon on 21 Feb 2009

Title of this week's sermon was "Music and Lyrics". Sermon were good!!!
What is the song in your life now?
The message was about the song(s) which can affect our very life itself, both the possitive and the negative effects. Lets say, taking James Blunt's song entitled "You're Beautiful", the song touches a lady lying in hospital with coma. The song was in the radio reaches her ears somehow and gave her a positive signs to come out of coma...just amazing and powerful. Just the very words of the song encourages her to be "alive" again.

So, the sermon by P.Dexter was so right, the music/song can minister in 3 ways in anyone life, first 2 ways has to do with both spirit and soul, where as the lyric/wording affect the mind. In the Bible, God fought for His people when the Isrealites praise & worship Him (2 Chronicles 20:21-22). Even, Paul and Silas's bond were loosen and prison doors opened automatically, when both of them praise and worship in prison!!!

The conclusion, its good to sing songs that encouraging, uplifting and joyful. It basically feeds into someones mind, soul and spirit, where it shaped their lifestyles generally.

So, dear readers, if its possible do sing songs that is good, both the tune and words. For me i don't like loud music, it will spoils the whole thing. If the wording is bad, i tend to ignore and concentrate on the music.

Anyway, some images taken during sermon. God Bless!!!

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