Friday, October 17, 2008

Launch of my photo gallery

Hi all, yes...i did it finally.

I am launching this site as my official photography portfolio.
This will be my gallery to share what i've taken for both work as a freelance photographer, as well as to serve as my hobby posting images of my family and my day to day sight. Its not much, but its a start, a start where i am venturing into turning my hobby into an income-generating hobby.

Well, dear friends, relatives and everyone who is reading this, i am a photographer for hire. Do let me know or email me personally if you need my service. Thanks in advance.

Enjoy :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Andromede Strain, Movie

I just watched this movie, Andromeda Strain which i find it interesting; scientifically true but its fictions.

You can read the sypnopsis with the link provided, which is very informative. Written by a very young doctor back then in 1969 and published & filmed many times to date. i highly recommend this movie to those who loves medical science and fictions.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Contract Law In MALAYSIA

Before i start my work, going thru all my email is norm for me. Its already a routine. Today, i came across this article forwarded by a friend concerning our Malaysian Contract Law, please if anyone could clarify thruth about this article. Here is how it goes;

Legal Issue on Contract Law in Malaysia - Good for us to know.

A/P Catherine Tay has conducted Legal issues in E-commerce. Notice that most of the time, the receipt / invoice you received from the merchant carries this exclusion clause or similarly worded statement: 'Goods sold are not returnable' or 'No refund once sold'. The thing that I have learnt from her is that : 'As long as your good is purchased for home use and not for business ( i.e. to be resold), the above exclusion clause is VOID. That means, as long as the good is defective, regardless of what is worded, you CAN get back all your money spent. You do not have to accept a repair on the good or an exchange. You CAN ask for a refund. AND you are LEGALLY right and entitled to! What a relevation!! And most of the time the merchant will refuse to return you your money.

Her advice? From her own experience ( and no less than 7 and all successful!), she will threaten the merchant with four words: 'SEE YOU IN COURT!' The court here refers to the Small Claims Tribunal Court. However, you don't have to tell them what court! All you have to pay is RM10 admin fee and the loser (the merchant) will have to refund you the money PLUS the admin fee!

She shared this with us because she felt that even educated people are cowed by such unfair wordings (which includes her jaded friends who are not lawyers). Pls try not to let the merchant fleece you the next time you have a defective good. I know where to file this. On the 16th floor of Putra Place (The Mall opposite Putra World Trade Centre) . The form cost RM5.00. The Tribunal will settle within 2 months period.

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
Tingkat 16, Putra Place, 100, Jalan Putra,
Tel: 03 - 40492300 / 40424181 Fax: 03 - 40424259

Friday, June 6, 2008


I found this article highly hilarious, but its very true, you be the judge.

Improve your vehicle's fuel consumption - by as much as 40% - by changing the way you currently drive.

1. Pump More Here & Pump Less ThereDon't wait until your car senget one side before inflating your tyres. Low tyre pressure forces your engine to work and drink harder. Driving on underinflated tyres also reduces the life of the tyres. A lose-lose situation.

2. Dig Your NoseDigging your nose is more economical than gunning your engine while waiting at traffic lights. Jack rabbit starts cost you even more. Never floor the pedal unless there's an express bus looming in your rearview mirror. Learn how to accelerate (and brake) smoothly for better fuel efficiency.

3. Pay It Again SamYou may be using an alternative toll-free road as a sign of protest or as a means of saving money. If the the old route is perpetually congested and longer, you may end up burning more fuel than the toll saved. Sad but often true.

4. Go Look StopAre you one of those who frequently get stuck behind a stalled vehicle, crash into road humps or potholes? If you look further than 3 meters while driving, you can better anticipate obstacles and avoid fuel guzzling start-stop situations. Good reason not to tailgate too.

5. Make Up Your MindI don't know if it's kiasuness or indecisiveness that makes people drive with the other foot riding the brake pedal. A slight touch might not be noticeable to you but it strains the engine, wears out your brakes prematurely and confuses the poor driver behind. Make sure your handbrake is down all the way too.Link to this artcle:

6. Get Rid Of FreeloadersThe less passengers the less weight. The less load the better the fuel economy. If you want to car pool, pool the cost. Clear your boot by removing unutilised items like golf sets, prams, barbecue sets, scuba gear, etc.

7. Bear With Crow ShitPark your car under the shade wherever possible. The hotter your car interior becomes, the harder the air-conditioning needs to work later, the more fuel the engine consumes as a result. The hot sun also increases fuel loss through evaporation.

8. Stay Safe & SaveFuel consumption jumps dramatically after a certain speed. Keeping to the speed limit saves you more than traffic fines. Driving at 120 kph, rather than 100 kph, may increase fuel consumption by another 25 percent. The dangers of speeding far outweigh the travel time saved.

9. Get A LifeStop pissing off your neighbours in the mornings and do yourself a favour. Most modern cars have no chokes or carburetors, so there's no need for long, noisy engine warm- ups. Hard revving a cold engine kills it faster than driving it.

10. Let The Bugger GoThere's no need to catch up with an offending driver just to show a finger or fist. You end up either paying more for fuel or a hefty hospital bill.

11. Learn From Your MistakesIf your wife or girlfriend says she needs to pop into a warehouse sale for a quick look-see, find a parking spot and turn off the engine. Long idling wastes fuel and pollutes the environment. Link to this artcle:

12. Don't Be A Drag QueenRemove that empty showoff roof rack or that ugly ill-designed Ah Beng spoiler as it causes unnecessary drag. Smoking with your windows down at cruising speed also increases drag. Newer cars (except the Juara) are aerodynamically designed for fuel efficiency. Stop adding unnecessary external accessories such as jutting elbows.

13. Meter The MeterKeep track of your car's fuel consumption by monitoring the odometer or tripmeter. A sudden drop may mean mechanical problems. Timely oil change and other maintenance can save you significant amount of fuel.

14. Try A Different Nasi LemakAll petrol are the same except for the additives and advertising. Contrary to what most Malaysians believe, you can mix your fuel. There's really no need to waste fuel by driving out of the way just to fill up your favourite brand and redemption card. Link to this artcle:

15. Get A New Boss Use online banking or find a better employer. Stop driving to an ATM every hour just to check whether your salary is in.

*Your mileage may vary
© 2005 TV SMITHLink to this article

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day at Equatorial Bangi

Our Family had our celebration with mum at Bangi this time. Anticipating that all restaurant will be crowded, just like previous years, bro and i decided it'll be good to have it in an environment friendly especially our 2 youngest addition to our family.

The food was OK with many types of food, mixed both easten and western alike. Mum commented that there isn't many variation of foods, to some extend i agree with her. She don take dairy products, don really like western food, only engaging on "safe" choice of food type; assam laksa, indian curries, ice-kacang, but she does like sweetening desserts. Dad was rather the same but slightly more adventurous.

The highlights was on the children, BB Reanne was quite and playfull in her own world, at times she dozze off by herself, leaving the parents enjoying their food in their sweet time. As for BB Sarah, she's on a dependable mode, insisting on being carried most of the time, only took short interval naps.
Well, everyone enjoy themselves and as well a family, Praise God. I must thank God the He is always good to our family; loving and provides for our family. Also, i must tahnk Mum for giving much of herself in providing for the family thru her care and sacrifices. Thanks mum and, Happy Mothers Day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

the Cyberspace

Finally, i'm here to pen my 'space-notes' in this cyber to speak...hahaha.

hopefully, prayerfully, thru this blogging will i touch life(s) and to inspire(s) my fellow reader, and also myself in return. "Cheng To To Ji Kau" (Pls guide/teach me).