Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day at Equatorial Bangi

Our Family had our celebration with mum at Bangi this time. Anticipating that all restaurant will be crowded, just like previous years, bro and i decided it'll be good to have it in an environment friendly especially our 2 youngest addition to our family.

The food was OK with many types of food, mixed both easten and western alike. Mum commented that there isn't many variation of foods, to some extend i agree with her. She don take dairy products, don really like western food, only engaging on "safe" choice of food type; assam laksa, indian curries, ice-kacang, but she does like sweetening desserts. Dad was rather the same but slightly more adventurous.

The highlights was on the children, BB Reanne was quite and playfull in her own world, at times she dozze off by herself, leaving the parents enjoying their food in their sweet time. As for BB Sarah, she's on a dependable mode, insisting on being carried most of the time, only took short interval naps.
Well, everyone enjoy themselves and as well a family, Praise God. I must thank God the He is always good to our family; loving and provides for our family. Also, i must tahnk Mum for giving much of herself in providing for the family thru her care and sacrifices. Thanks mum and, Happy Mothers Day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

the Cyberspace

Finally, i'm here to pen my 'space-notes' in this cyber to speak...hahaha.

hopefully, prayerfully, thru this blogging will i touch life(s) and to inspire(s) my fellow reader, and also myself in return. "Cheng To To Ji Kau" (Pls guide/teach me).