Friday, March 20, 2009

DIY Dry Box for camera and other equipments

Recently, i've been thinking of a way to safe-keep all my camera stuffs which i've invested in so much till today. Sometime last week i encountered something that provided the solution to my thoughts, a DIY storage-box. Basically, this box has only 1 main function, which is to keep things within the box dry and moistless. Without this box, camera and lens expecially may and will develop fungus which all photographers are afraid of!!! And cleaning services may cost a big hole out of your pocket!!!

So, here it is, this link will show u how to get it done yourself, the cost of all this DIY box is no more than RM20. Buying the branded and professional Dry-Box is between RM200 - RM700 for a reasonable size. You may wish to enhance security or knock-resistence by putting padding as base and sides of the box.

Happy DIY.
More DIY for photographers in the future.

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