Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My upgraded tool

At first i want to titled it "My upgraded toy", but i did not.

it kept me paused a while when i was about to type it out..."toy" didn't sounded right, it's NOT a toy anymore!!! It is my tool, tool which will help me earn some additional cash for the additional needs to my family. This tool that i am speaking here is my new and upgraded DSLR camera, the Nikon D90.
My previous toy, yet to be converted then was the Nikon D40x, initially purchased to fulfill my intention to make it my hobby and to replace my long lost film-SLR Nikon FM10 which was stolen during my college days. It took me about 10 years to fulfill this hobby and dream. Boy, its such a procrastination!!! But anyhow, ever since i bought D40x, my then "toy", now "tool" has given me back my initial returned investment. I took some photography projects, that's how. My skills isn't as good as the pros out there but i think and hope someday, i can achieve the same as they (pros) did in the nearest future.

oh Yes...the returned investment has prompted me, or should i say "made" me realized that i need a better tool and equipment to bring me and my hobby to greater heights. So, before i could realise this, some how GOD has intervened on my behalf, working ahead of me. Nikon then back in the last quarter has launched this new model D90, with greater features than my current model D40x. I have been keeping myself updated from time to time about Nikon's development until the announcement of D90 in early 2008. But in the last quarter right after he launch of D90, i could not afford it yet, it cost between RM3500-3100 for the body alone then. its just beyond my pocket depth!!!

Praise GOD for HE knew what's best for me...HE opened door of projects that i least expected it. 3 projects in 2 months consecutively. Then on, i knew the time is very near for me to have this new model, that i started looking out and try to know more about this new model. Indeed, for the price offered, it fit my budget to upgrade. The price war was so heated in the last 3 months were a blessing, as well as good review from numerous online forums, has finally made me decided to go for this upgrade.

The date was Jan 12 year 2009, i finally bought Nikon D90 below RM3K. The whole purchase were witnessed by Rachel my wife at the shop were i first bought D40x. This taukeh (shopkeeper) were difficult at first in confirming the price we discussed earlier on phone before the arrival of the camera, but i thought that in other shops that can beat his price, i agreed to pay the difference, paying RM100 more. But, i managed to asked for a "gift" worth more than the difference to cover the additional cost.

Both Rachel and i went back full of excitement and hope for this new "tool". 2 weeks has passes and I'm yet to fully understand the upgraded features, but I'm already snapping here and there.
GOD is so good.

Do stay tuned as I am yet to share more about this new tool of mine. Not to forget about my current D40x, well, i need to sell it off. please refer to my previous blog to find out more.


d'Lion said...

Congratulations! I am being patient...

SilasVkiat said...

oh yes...it always pays of when practise patience. Don't worry, what's coming is best kept for u :)

Cheryl aka S-I-L said...

Congratulations my dear B-I-L..!!!
Hmm... GOD truly bleSSeS those who r patient enough!!! U r quite correct to state this that ONLY the very BEST deserves ONLY the very BEST!
Also I do agree with the almost perfect caption. It is ur........'P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S-S-S'!!!
Happy Tooling!!!

SilasVkiat said...

mata kerbau (bulleye)!!!